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Back in the Game!

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Finally, you’re sitting there on the bench – suited up and ready to go.  Sure, the last time you were on the field, you got your butt stomped – and getting back out there is scary. But you’ve been to all the practices, you’ve studied all the plays. You can’t let that preparation go to waste. It’s time to suck it up, get back onto the field and play.

One of the things I love so much about my FaceBook experience is watching the play between the couples who are my friends.  I enjoy vicariously feeling the hugs, kisses and ‘attaboys’ they send each other electronically.  I  enjoy experiencing second-hand from their posts honeymoons, vacations, weekend getaways and evenings out. When I get together with my friends I love listening to them as they bitch, whine and moan about their other halves. No matter how tart the words, they’re clearly served over a spoonful of love. My butterflies take flight when I’m in the midst of that love.

Except maybe waking up to a spider dangling from a web over my face, an opossum finding its way through my doggie door or – yikes! – having to use a port-a-potty, there aren’t too many things scarier than relationships and dating. Let’s face it, good prospects are not easy to find and inappropriate ones are more plentiful than cockroaches. We’ve all dated – or worse, married – a few in the earlier episodes of our sitcoms.  And we know there are more crouching in every Starbucks on every corner and on every dating site on the Web. 

But there is something to be said for growing old gracefully with someone we truly love — someone who’s as warped and imperfect as we are, but who’s just perfect for us.

Although one of my favorite pastimes is pointing out their imperfections so that men might improve themselves — which, of course, I always do in the kindest, most supportive way I know — they’re never going to be flawless. I’m actually fortunate that they continually provide me with so much material. If they didn’t, about what would I write? But men are wonderful.  They’re sometimes as much fun to have around as dogs and their speech capabilities and opposable thumbs make them almost as useful.

And you can take them into restaurants – after properly training and outfitting them, of course.

So now I’ve picked myself up, dusted myself off and figured out what I did to get benched in the first place.  I’ve watched the game from the sidelines and decided I’m ready to get back onto the field. I’m all suited up and ready to play.

It’s time!


About PD Williams

Writer - primarily humorous women's fiction. My secret agenda is to help men become in actuality the visions they think they already are. I point out their many flaws in the kindest, gentlest, most supportive way I know -- gotta protect those fragile male egos -- so we can stop wasting our energy trying to change them. After all, as women, we have more important things to do.

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  1. Now you know all of the rules. Good writing and good luck.


    Well, I would like to say I wouldn’t screw up again, but I’m not sure. I’m definitely sure I will not be with anyone again who is anyway like my ex-husband, but I still seem to find the worse in the bunch.

    A man who wears his coat as his robe is pretty scary. :))

    • So, now that you know what you DON’T want, you just have to decide you’re only going to attract what you DO want. BTW – wears his coat as a robe??? You do manage to find them, dont you?


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