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Following are some of my favorite charities.  There are a lot of wonderful people out there helping make a difference.

CompassioNow Foundation

The CareNow Foundation is one of my favorite charities. It provides much-needed medical assistance by setting up and funding clinics, shipping medical supplies and providing funds for medical personnel in sub-Sahara Africa. Please visit their website at

Simi Valley Community Foundation

This group’s objective is to enhance human services provided in the City of Simi Valley. I’m very excited about their Alliance for Human Services whose objective is to gather under one roof a number of charitable organizations that provide essential social services to those in need in Simi Valley.  This project will make it easier and more convenient for people to get the help they need and will make it less expensive for those charities to provide the services. Please visit their website at

Simi Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation

I absolutely love SSRCF. Their primary purpose is to provide academic and vocational scholarships to local students. I am particularly fond of the Leonard Coppola Vocational Scholarship Fund, named for a young man who died tragically just as he was beginning to find his purpose in life. This is the charitable arm of my Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise. Read about them at

Simi Valley Police Foundation

I’ve been a member of the Simi Valley Police Foundation almost since its inception.  The Foundation provides financial support for local law enforcement, including the purchase, training and support of the department’s canines. Please visit their website at

Sickle Cell Disease Foundation

Sickle cell anemia is a disease in which the blood cells have a sickle shape instead of the normal doughnut shape.  The disease causes extreme pain, organ damage and early death among its victims. The Foundation provides assistance to patients as well as funding for education and much-needed research on the disease. To learn more or to donate, please go to

American Cancer Society

In August 1993, I received what I have come to believe was very good news.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I consider it good news because it was in its early stage.  I lost part of a breast, but my life was spared. Many of my sisters have not been so lucky and more are dying each day.  Breast cancer is but one form of a disease that kills thousands of women and men every single year.  Go to to learn what you can do to help be the bearer of good news.

New Leash On Life

Two of the loves of my life — Lilli & Clifford — rescued me through New Leash On Life.  New Leash is a no-kill animal rescue center that provides pet adoption services for abandoned furbabies. Once a dog reaches New Leash he/she has a home for as long as they live.  They specialize in hard to place dogs. If New Leash can’t find them a loving new home, they simply keep them. Please go to their website and take a look at all the wonderful programs they offer; I can’t do them justice in one paragraph.  Here is their web address — — but I warn you, the moment you open the site a sweet little face (or two) will snag your heart, too.

Thanks for helping out!!


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  1. This is a very cool page. Thanks for your support of SSRCF. Enjoyed the writting as well.

  2. I love your humor, but am glad you are also doing the charities also. Keep it up!!!


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