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A blustery, biting Simi Valley night…holiday lights dancing…mellifluous wind chimes caroling…tootsies toasting in front of the blazing hearth.

What a perfect night for a double dose of hot chocolate:  rum-spiked Valrhona cocoa and a Rosewood marathon.



Bah! Hump-bug!

The day shares its initials with a most unpleasant ailment — itself sometimes the result of reckless celebration of the emotion the holiday glorifies. And like that dreaded disease it, too,  can result in discomfort, blindness, death — or spousal support.

Let this serve as a warning to all. Limit your consumption of chocolate and wine on this day.  Enjoy the beauty of the roses, but don’t inhale too deeply.

The assets you save could be your own.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Surrounded by Love

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Vicariously experiencing the feelings emanating from those in love by whom I am surrounded – according to the book I’m currently reading – will open up the opportunity for love and my enjoyment of it to flow more freely into my life.

So, does this theory also apply to hot fudge sundaes? By surrounding myself with photos of hot fudge sundaes, do I open up the opportunity for them and my enjoyment of them to flow more freely into my life?

Would it help if I licked the page?